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Anniversary Ideas - Candy Bars

These bars come with your name on them, your wedding date, and can be completely customized.  If you see what you like here, but need it in a different color, just ask.  If  the picture is showing one size, and you want another, we can accommodate you.  Even the number of years on the wrapper can be customized.  Take a look at our wedding bars, most of these are appropriate for anniversaries too!  We are incredibly flexible, and want to make sure  you get exactly what you want.  Don't forget that the back of your wrapper is customizable and can contain information such as life events leading to your anniversary. 

Anniversary Bars:  Announcements or Favors

25th anniversary wrapper

Happy 25th Anniversary


25th anniversary candy bar wrapper
25th Anniversary Party


This 25th anniversary design contains

 a silver rose and edge.


This 25th anniversary bar contains a ribbon

and a silver band along the left edge.

50th anniversary wrapper
50th Anniversary Party


50th anniversary candy bar wrapper
Happy 50th Anniversary


This 50th anniversary bar contains a ribbon

and a gold band along the left edge.


This 50th anniversary design says,

"Happy Anniversary," and, " 50 wonderful years"

in gold with a golden rose and band

along the right edge.


wedding anniversary wrapper

General Anniversary 


wedding anniversary candy bar wrapper

General Anniversary


This general design comes in many colors

with butterflies to match.


This anniversary design  also can be

customized to other colors and has

 a pair of intertwined rings with

"Happy Anniversary" throughout the background.


50th wedding anniversary candy bar wrapper

Happy 50th Anniversary


25th wedding anniversary candy bar wrapper

Happy 25th Anniversary


This 50th anniversary bar has 2 golden bells

and "Happy Anniversary" throughout

the background.

This 25th anniversary design has silver bells

on a ribbon with flowers accenting the ribbon.

There is also "Happy Anniversary" throughout

the background.


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