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Birthday Party Favors

Birthday party favors are a great way to say thank you to your guests.   More designs will be added as we move along.   Once again, we are very flexible, so give us a call if you have something special that you need.   All the text on these bars are customizable, so if you like a particular font or text attribute, let us know and we can place it on your wrapper.  Let your child design their own party favors by sending us their artwork.  You can send the artwork in digital format or we can digitalize it for you, making their design the most personalized wrappers available. 

Birthday Bars:

Candy bar wrapper for kids' birthday
Happy 6th Birthday


candy bar wrapper for kids' birthday
Happy 8th Birthday


This birthday wrapper contains blue dots

and pink and yellow presents in

the background.  Color of the text can be

made to match any color in the background.


This birthday wrapper contains

primary colors and balloons on

strings, perfect for any birthday.

birthday wrapper
Happy 1st Birthday


candy bar wrapper birthday


This 1st birthday design will be

the envy of all your family and would

look great in any child's scrapbook. 


Say "Happy Birthday" with party hats

and a streamer in a rainbow of colors.

candy bar wrapper for kids' birthday
Happy Birthday Boy


candy bar wrapper for kids' birthday
Happy Birthday Boy


This birthday wrapper design has

a race car and tire treads on the edges

for that race enthusiast.


This birthday design is in pink but can be

custom colorized, and if you have a tomboy,

there is a teddy bear, a doll, a sailboat

and a train, so it doesn't look too girlish.


over-the-hill birthday wrapper
Over the Hill Woman


over the hill birthday wrapper
Over the Hill Man


This "Over the Hill" design isn't too

insulting with a compliment about looking

good and a woman wearing presents

in strategic places...


This "Over the Hill" design is more

appropriate for gentleman with a skeleton

in a suit wearing a party hat, but

the cake and candles look fresh...

birthday wrapper
Happy 10th Birthday


candy bar wrapper for kids' birthday

Happy Birthday


If you have a paintball enthusiast,

this design with colored splotches

may be just the thing.

This design was produced for a client.

She liked the primary color bars and

we added a clown with primary colors to match.


candy bar wrapper birthday

Personal Bar


candy bar wrapper birthday

Happy Birthday


This design comes in many colors

and can be matched to any color scheme.

The background is various dots of different

sizes in one color.

How about a design with a monster truck?

birthday candy bar wrapper

Happy Birthday


sports candy bar wrapper

Happy Birthday


Or how about a big semi?

For your baseball or softball player,

this design can be changed to different colors

candy bar wrapper sports

Happy Birthday



For your basketball player,

change this design's color to

match your party theme.


Click for larger view


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