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Whether you need promotional items for trade show give-aways, personalized chocolate bars for gift basket supplies, or simply personalized bars to give out for your promotional advertising or public relations needs, we have a bar to meet your needs!   A few of my favorite designs are included here for your perusal.   Wherever possible, I have used just the graphics from the front of the wrapper, but all bars can have a text placed on the back that could include your marketing slogan, your current sales drive or promotional event, and even a coupon.  We are able to meet your needs, so why not give us a try today.   We are also distributors of high quality inkjet and laser wrapper paper allowing you to print your own wrappers.  The papers are perforated to either the regular size or miniature Hershey's chocolate bars.  Come check out our wrapper papers.

Business Promotion Bars:

business promotional wrapper
Business Cards

business promotional candy bar wrapper
Promotional Ideas

promotional candy bar wrapper


open house candy bar wrapper

Open House

business promotional wrapper
Halloween Advertisement

business promotional candy bar wrapper
Christmas Promotions


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