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Regular Hershey's Milk Chocolate 1.55oz. Bars

Wrapped bars are $1.45 per bar, minimum of 20 bars. Please email for pricing on orders of less than 20 bars.

180+ wrapped bars are $1.35 per bar.

Regular Wrappers are $0.75 per wrapper with a minimum of 20 wrappers, instructions for wrapping are included. Please email for pricing on orders of less than 20 wrappers.
180+ wrappers are $0.65 per wrapper.

Miniature Bars

Wrapped bars are $0.30 each, minimum of 35 miniature bars.  Please email for pricing on orders of less than 35 miniature bars and for large order discounts.


Mini Wrappers are $1.50/sheet, each sheet is 12 wrappers, minimum of 5 sheets (60 wrappers).  Please email for pricing on large order discounts.

Foil Wrapped Belgian Chocolate Bars

Wrapped bars are $1.75 per bar, minimum of 50 bars.  200+ wrapped bars are $1.60 per bar.  An extra 2 week lead time is needed for these bars.  We only order these from our supplier when needed so you receive the freshest bars possible. If none of the Belgian chocolate bars are in stock at the time of your order, a "good faith" payment of 50% of your order price will be required prior to purchasing the bars.

Fundraising bars are specially priced, please contact us.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Orders submitted prior to a price increase will be honored at the lower price. Orders submitted within 10 days prior to the activation of a sale price on a standard design will be honored at the sale price.

How To Order:

You can order your wrappers in different formats, pre-wrapped around 1.55 oz. Hershey's milk chocolate bars, pre-wrapped around Hershey's assorted miniatures or order just the wrappers printed on our high quality printing equipment.

We are now a distributor of high quality laser and inkjet paper that is perforated to the exact size of 1.55oz regular chocolate bars or the Hershey miniatures, eliminating the need for scissors or a paper cutter.  This paper is blank and allows you to print your own designs at a significant cost savings.  Come see our wrapper paper for descriptions and pricing.  Place your order through the convenient PayPal shopping cart, no PayPal account necessary.

We ask that you place your order as early as possible or at least 2 weeks prior to the event with the exception of birth announcements. Foil wrapped bar orders must be placed 4 weeks in advance.  If you place an order by telephone and need the preview of your design to take place via regular mail, you will need to place your order at least 4 weeks in advance. Birth announcements will be given top priority and made ready for shipment, delivery or pick-up within 72 hours. If the wrapper to announce the birth was set-up before the birth, the wrappers/bars will be available within 48 hours.

When ordering a wrapper that includes a professional studio generated photograph, you are responsible for providing the release document. Professional photographs are the copyrighted property of the Photography Studio and written permission is required to use these types of photographs. If you are unsure whether your photo is copyrighted, most professional studios stamp their photographs on the front or back with the copyright information or studio name. Any photographs or negatives provided for a wrapper via regular mail, will be returned. Please send your photographs or negatives in either padded or reinforced envelops with an appropriately sized piece of cardboard inside to prevent bending damage.

All orders should be previewed before final printing. While it is not mandatory that you proof your wrapper, once the wrapper is printed, it cannot be replaced unless you pay for another order and you will not be refunded. When including a photo in your design, we will pick the paper that yields the best quality of your photo.  This could mean that the paper will be of heavier stock than anticipated, resulting in difficulties when wrapping bars yourself.  If this is a concern, please consider a design without a photo or letting us wrap the bars for you at the wrapped bar prices.  We will email as a jpeg file, or mail a hard copy of your design to you, to make sure that no changes are necessary. With the exception of date corrections, names or spelling errors, only 2 changes will be allowed per design. For example, if there are no date corrections or spelling errors and you need to exchange the name of a bridesmaid, this is considered a change. A fee will be assessed for any additional changes beyond 2 that are not the result of an error in spelling or dates. Differences in monitors and resolutions can effect your design on your screen. Keep in mind that your wrapper colors may vary slightly from what is seen on your screen. Please respond as quickly as possible with any changes needed or your final approval. Once you have approved the final design, you are then obligated to pay for your order. Once your order is approved by you and is printed, it is NONREFUNDABLE. Once the wrappers are printed, any errors on your wrappers/bars made on our part due to spelling or omissions ONLY will be refunded. Shipping and insurance charges are nonrefundable.

We accept checks, money orders or credit card payments via PayPal. Do not send cash through the mail. A payment made by check will delay orders until the check has cleared. There is a $25 returned check charge. If you are not currently a member of PayPal, it is no longer a requirement to be a member to pay a vendor via PayPal. If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be sent a PayPal invoice requesting payment of your order via email. This request will include any shipping and insurance charges when necessary. If you choose to pay by check or money order, we will call or email you with the final total which will include the shipping and insurance charges when necessary. PA RESIDENTS ONLY 6% sales tax will be added to your order. If you are a local resident, arrangements can be made to pick-up or deliver your order to avoid the shipping and insurance charges.

All check and money order payments should be made payable to Teresa Westervelt and mailed to:

Teresa Westervelt
PO Box 337
Phoenixville, PA 19460

All orders are processed once payment is received.  To place an order, simply contact us via our Contact Us! page.

 Privacy Policy 

Your name and any other information submitted will not be sold or shared with any 3rd parties, with the exception of information on a designed wrapper that is used on the samples page. By submitting an order, you agree to allow the use of your wrapper design to be posted on the web site unless you notify us via email that you would prefer the wrapper to not be posted. Your request will be honored.


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