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Shower Bars

Allow to provide a custom designed candy bar wrapper for your Bridal or Baby Shower.  These can be used as an invitation or as a keepsake.  Our Baby Shower designs also make perfect birth announcement bars. 

Bridal Shower Bars:  Honoring the Bride-to-be!



Bells announcing the bridal

shower are on this wrapper.


A golden rose on a bridal shower

invitation is always an appropriate design.



This design comes in many pre-designed

colors for you to choose.  Match the

color to your bridal shower color scheme.


It's raining flower bouquets around

this bridal shower design containing

an umbrella with a bouquet.



Umbrellas are symbols of all types of

showers, this design can be used for baby

showers or bridal showers.  Just pick a

color to match your party.



Baby Shower Bars:



An umbrella with baby animals

makes the perfect design for baby showers.


Whether you call them carriages

or prams, they have been a symbol

of babies for all time.




This blue bassinet is a great way to let

your guests know you're expecting a boy.

This pink bassinet is a great way to let

your guests know you're expecting a girl.


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